The key to your freedom and all of your dreams is within you now

Anything we create in our life comes from within – including freedom

What does freedom mean to you?

Space, Success, Love, Happiness, Career, Amazing Relationships, Peace of mind, All of this and more?


  • If you are not making the progress you wish you could
  • If you do not have the career, love, relationship, money, body, life,  you want to bring your happiness
  • If you are not living your life fully


How would it transform your life to liberate yourself from these limiting thoughts and feelings? To free yourself to become the amazing person you were meant to be?

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine how you would like your life to look and feel…………………..  that’s good….. breathe it in……

You can create this, and so much more!  ARE YOU READY?


Let me take your hand and help you to seek your hidden treasures.

The work involves assisting you to uncover your ahas the jewels that make your soul sing! Creating switches that keep the momentum going!  Then using process to implement them into your life to transform your relationships, your career, your health, your happiness any area in your life that brings about your success

 Working with you enables YOU to make the changes, and shatter all the inner obstacles that are holding you back! 

By using hypnotherapy, abundance coaching, Reiki, powerful questioning and coaching processes to help you go from feeling stuck or stagnant to feeling clear, motivated, capable and fabulous!

I offer a free Find your freedom session, Where we can –

  • get a crystal clear vision of how you would like your life to look.
  • discover whats holding you back from having the life you would love
  • set up a plan for moving you from where you are to where you want to be
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally find  love for your life once and for all!

So if your ready to say YES to the  the person you want to become; and to experience the transformational effect this type of coaching can have, contact me today for an appiontment!

These sessions work amazingly well over Skype or phone.

What Can A Life Coach Do For Me

What my clients say

“I am lucky to have been coached by Emma. I have enjoyed immediate and long term benefits. Her approach is fun and causes transformation on a very deep level”

– Ray

“Emma has a way of making people feel at ease very quickly. Emma is able to help me remove the obstacles in my thinking and replace them with action. I highly recommend her coaching, I always leave feeling great…and very proactive!”

– Christine Walters

“I recommend Emma to as many people as I can, she has helped me so much and I am incredible grateful. She helped me to find happiness, how to control negative feelings and how to create what I want in my life”

– Aimee

“Emmas coaching has changed the course of my life..I am now going in a positive direction. I now have clarity!”

– Rana

“Emma is a very caring and intuitive suld, she coaches with such empathy!”

– Pam Nelson

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

- Marcus Aurelius


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